Createdmaking by @gagandes. Distributionlocation Map of Volcanoesmount in East Java. this map was madecreated with basicelementary of data ASTER GDEM. on the map below showsdisplay the location of 12 mountains transversecross from the east end untilto mid-island of Java Indonesia. From the east the mountain Raung with height 3332m, mountain semeru 3676m, mountain Argopuro 3088m, Mount Bromo 2329m, Mount Welirang 3156m, Anjasmoro mountain 2277m, 2563m Mount Wilis, Liman mountain 2563m, 3265m Lawu mountain, Mount MUria 1602m, Mount Merapi 2930m, and mountain Sumbing the height of 3371m. The highest mountain on the island of Java is the peak of Mount Semeru named Mahameru and height approximately 3676m above sea level.

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