Pakistan blew its chance for securityThey Had Our Help for too long. Now Lets Come HOME!David IgnatiusThe Washington PostMay 16, 2012 ETAs America be­gins to pull back its troops from Afghanistan, one consequence gets lit­tle no­tice but is likely to have last­ing impact: Pakistan is los­ing the best chance in its history to gain po­lit­ical con­trol over all of its territory — including the warlike trib­al ar­eas along the fron­ti­er.Pakistan has squandered the opportunity presented by having a large U.S.-led army just over the bor­der in Afghanistan. Rather than work with the United States to stabi­lize a law­less sanctu­ary full of warlords and terror­ists, the Pakista­nis decided to play games with these out­law groups.This is a catas­troph­ic mis­take for Pakistan. In­stead of drawing the trib­al ar­eas into a nation that finally, for the first time since independence in 1947, could be integrated and

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