All things that come as a result from human experience is nothing more than models formed from that experience and genetics. We learn a perspective and when practical understanding comes about we modify our behaviour to reflect those understandings whether they are right or wrong. Thus all human expression and their results of that expression exist in a mere framework in the mind that is then utilised as a guide in order to comport its behaviour. Sometimes this guide is stretched or broken and as a result we gain different levels of values. The understandings broken through will cause the framework to be damaged and thus starts a process to repair, reassess, or revalue past conceptions. Each action only acting as a model to express some greater truth beyond the manifestations of its actions. This letter to the future online teachers of the world be no different and all asserted systems in this essay will only stand as a representation of how one individual sees our society best functioning with an emphasis on education as this is required to most efficiently develop this model.Before I lead this discussion I want to show you the examples that I have used within my methods.

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