Greenville, SC WorkersComp LawyerWhat is a South Carolina WorkersCompensation Deposition?When an employee has a workerscompensation injury or claim then that employee may be asked to give a workerscomp deposition.Many folks want to know what a deposition is and really, it is quite simple. It is an oppurtunity for the attorney for the insurance carrier to ask you questions under oath to find out more about you, your background, your work history and your South Carolina workers compensation claim. Reasons for a Deposition in a WorkersCompensation ClaimWhen you have an on the job injury then many things become relevant incuding your past work history, whether you ve had a prior workerscomp injury, and how this injury at question happened. The attorney for the insurance carrier usually only knows what is in your medicla records or what they wer told by your employer or the insurance carrier so it is their chance to find out more about you.

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