It is a very simple process. The website or blog owner hires you to write for them. You are given instructions on what to write about, the length of article desired and what keywords (if any) to add throughout. That s about all there is to it folks.The amount of money generated for each article depends on what was originally agreed upon between you and the site owner and how much you can write. Some terms of payment are based per article or the amount of words you write. Obviously the more you write, then more money you can earn. Also, you do not just have to supply content for one website or blog, you can supply content to as many people as you wish. Without overextending yourself of course.Now that does seem like a lot of writing. If you love to write then it is not a question whether you would succeed at writing online for money. If you absolutely do not enjoy writing, well then you may get burned out easily. You should probably not consider this as an option. If you are somewhere in the middle, I say try it. You never know, after those dollars start pouring in, you may find writing online for a living very thrilling.

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